"Within two years Excelerator took me from a real estate agent to a major player in the Australian apartment market"


Jack Brukarz. (Owner)


Apartment Superstore.



With Excelerator....


Dreams and visions are realised.


Increased revenues and profits achieved.



Testimony to the success of Excelerator is its satisfied clients.


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Achieve your business dreams


Excelerator provides the pieces to fast track success



Receive a business boost valued up to $400,000

Excelerator is a business development program which brings together a team of business growth experts who together invest their services in businesess to accelerate their success.


Each business  is different so a customised Excelerator team is assembled to address the needs of the business.


The Excelerator team then provides an Exelerator program to develop and implement an agreed Business Development Plan.


The size of the team and the project will vary from business to business with the value of the investment ranging anywhere from $40,000 to $400,000.


Working together with the business owner objectives are set, plans are implimented and are goals achieved.


It's low cost, low risk and very high reward.


Excelerator is not a loan and no equity in required.


Fees are simply spread and back weighted to increase as and when income increases.


When agreed revenue targets are achieved Success Fees are shared on an mutual "win-win" basis. 


Everyone puts in.


Everyone works together.


Everyone shares the rewards from success.


The businesses success is the Excelerator teams success.


Its simple...no success, no reward, no risk.


Excelerator is proven.


Success is guaranteed.






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If your business is considered suitable for an Excelerator program you will be offered an initial free Business Excelerator Consulation.


The journey towards accelerated business success starts now.



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